There’s a fire Inside my bones. It’s not the pleasure, It’s not the moans. In me, A hellish figure. In my mind, An endless fissure. There’s nothing in my tissue But burns and scars from the past. Those are not the issue. They were just my test. Now upon the world I craft The biggest …

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Snowmen know no men, Though they rarely are alone; Their lives are flanked by children, Yet they never feel at home. Snowmen are the outcasts, Abandoned to the sun; They waste away in silence All in the name of fun. Snowmen live their days to die; They greet this world to leave it. Snowmen never …

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21st Century

When the need for marks 
Triumphs over the need of knowledge;
 And there is utter chaos and competition,
 Just to get a seat in a college. When dreams are shattered 
By what the others would think;
 And if you dare to have any,
 They’re flushed down the sink. When money decides
 How successful you are;

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The world of tomorrow was yesterday’s dream. Today’s that tomorrow, or so it would seem. Today’s not exactly what yesterday guessed, But thinking dystopian, maybe that’s best. Today has its own dreams of what’s on its way But also thinks fondly about yesterday. Today is a mess; maybe if we combine Tomorrow and yesterday, all …

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What’s it Like to Write?

It’s like embroidery on sand, Or a scream into a volcano.. Crafting.. with your non-dominant hand, Much like waltzing with a tornado. But it’s also a lot like fishing, Except you aim your rod at a star, Losing your focus and precision, It’s a mission seemingly bizarre. As graceful as threading a needle, Yet the …

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